Snappy Hand Versus Non-Snappy Hand: Which to Choose for Your Unlimited Graphic Design Requirements

In this day and age where globalization and evolution of technologies are fast-paced, freelancers are no doubt one of the best solutions for something to get done at a fraction of the cost.

It’s just a matter of making a smart decision on how to acquire the best freelancers that will suit your needs and give you more bandwidth to focus on what is important – the improvement and escalation of your business. 

In this article, you will learn the difference between hiring an individual freelancer versus the talented teams of Snappy Hand.

Below are topics of certain parameters which will serve as deciding factors for you to consider.


monthly cost

There are a lot of creative design agencies/freelancer individuals that offer good services at a very competitive price. In the Philippines, you can work with an Upwork graphic designer, or have Fiverr requests, for $5 per hour or $800 per month.

But before you can even proceed, you have to go through several steps first, such as setting up your account, screening the potential candidates, interviewing them, then training.

It is time consuming and it has the tendency to divide your focus.

You can also opt for onshore US graphic designers but at a more expensive rate that ranges from $75-$300 per hour.

At Snappy Hand, we take care of everything – from screening to training, and management. We only recruit the best, evaluated graphic design professionals.

Our graphic designers follow a specific level of standards from designing, communication and quality to give out top customer experience.

You can avail these services starting at $197 per month. 



With individual freelancers, the capacity or the volume of work done varies depending on the skill level, the number of clients they handle, and how motivated they are with your design requests.

So, regardless of how many works are still undone, if your contract with the designer expires, you will only get what they give. Some of it might not even be enough to satisfy your expected outcome, unless you decided to add an extension to revise the things that you need, which runs on an hourly rate basis. We also have to put into consideration that design is subjective.

With Snappy Hand, we provide the freedom for all our clients to supply us with all your graphic design requirements. Not only we can guarantee the starting price of $197 per month, but also you can be certain that we will deliver what is realistically doable amount of work done within the time frame.


turnaround time

Snappy Hand is a next business day delivery service model. This means that you always get a round of design per business day.

We have a separate design support team that reviews the details and keep the flow of your design requests as they come in, and ensure that they are doable and ready for delivery the next business day. 

Whereas hiring an individual freelancer, you may get the designs on the same day, but it is possible that you will be stuck the entire day reviewing the design output. Often times, design requires multiple revision rounds.  


revision rounds

For any individual freelancer, commonly they offer three to four rounds of revisions. Beyond that, it gets tiring, and they lose their original enthusiasm to curate your preferred design which sometimes leads to incompetent outcome and unsatisfied customers.

But this depends on how well you work with your contracted freelancer designer. 

With Snappy Hand, you can knock yourself out with unlimited revision rounds. We won’t stop until we get exactly what you have in mind for your design.

Our production teams are trained and confident to juggle several revision rounds while getting your on-queue design requests moving. 


money back guarantee

No individual freelancer can offer you a 14-day money back guarantee.


But we can! Try us out now! 🙂


Go with Snappy Hand if you:

1. Like the idea of working with a single point of contact to a team of design professionals.

2. Would love to pay for a monthly flat rate without worrying for any hidden and additional charges in case you would like to change some aspects of your design.

3. Have unlimited ideas and continuous demand for graphic designs that you want to be delivered to you on time.

Go with an individual freelancer if you:

1. Prefer to be hands on across the board with your designs.

2. Are capable of spending a few more $$$ to get somebody to speed up the process of your requests.

3. Are satisfied with fewer design options to choose from.

We hope that these pointers helped you in determining which freelancers to choose and let us know in the comment section what you think. 

Try our services with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. Just click Snappy Hand and let’s get you started.

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