One of the worst things a designer or marketer or startup professionals can go through is to have a designer’s/creator's block. Meaning, you can’t come up with any creative ideas to push into your work, so you just decide to take a break, which is good to give time for your mind to refresh. But sometimes, it can lead to a prolonged procrastination that could potentially disrupt your design process and completely stir you away from reaching your goal in creating great designs. 

One way of overcoming a designer’s block is to take inspirations from other designers’ work to stimulate your mind and revamp your drive. Here at SnappyHand, we’ve come up with some of the best blog inspirations to give you the boost that you needed.

#1 Made by Folk

Founded in 2007 and formerly known as FormFiftyFive, Made by Folk is a curated design marketplace, an international showcase of artwork for those who share beautifully crafted ideas. In 2018, the founders also decided to add a feature that will get the designers more involved in sharing their works through online print store. Their dedication to find the best and the latest design trends in the world will surely give inspirations to other artists and designers.

#2 Design Week

It was a UK-based magazine for the design industry which was first published in October 1986 by Centaur Communications. But in 2011, they became a digital-only publication. And in 2019, it was announced that Design Week had become a part of Xeim.

There might be a lot of changes in the management, but one thing that didn’t changed was their devotion in maintaining their niche – to tackle and deliver worth-discussing worldwide evolutionary designs that would be informative to their readers.

#3 Create by Adobe

It is a magazine of different creative works that your eyes will definitely love. The artworks are easy to access online through the website or their app. They also offer some How-To tutorials that every designer, and even small business owners should check out that would definitely give a boost to their works.  

#4 Dieline

Are you one of those small business owners who are looking for a fresh design to establish a strong branding for your products and services? Dieline is your key! They offer the best ideas and illustrations for branding and packaging products that will take your business to the next level and attract more customers through the power of graphic designs.

#5 Identity Designed

A blog run by Irish graphic designer David Airey, Identity Designed is a compilation of visual identities from different talented design studios around the world. A book with the same title was also published in 2019 by David, and it tackles the depth and details about the intelligent identity design process.

#6 Inspo Finds

Carefully curated by designers Naomi and Sarah, Inspo Finds is a platform that celebrates the creativity of fresh graduates, designers, and creative agencies around the world. Their aim is to encourage collaboration and support within the design community, making the daily supply of inspirations and exhibition of works as key parts of the design process.  

#7 Design Clever

Won one of the Best Design Media Award, this design publication started by Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker is a showcase of artworks by creative designers around the globe. They also encourage designers and creative agencies to submit their work for collaboration.

#8 Fonts In Use

Launched in December 2010, this blog focuses more on the typographic designs contributed by artists with the goal of improving typeface literacy and appreciation. This site will be useful especially to entrepreneurs who wish to advertise their products. Choosing the right typeface is one of the focal points for most of the advertisements to attract more clients.

#9 Yellowtrace

An influential and award-winning online design publication, Yellowtrace is filled with contents that cover the areas of Interior Design, Architecture, Art, Photography, Travel, and Design Culture. Founded in 2010 by Dana Tomic Hughes, the site’s mission is to help designers around the world to reach their full potential by inspiring them through visual contents in every aspect.

#10 DESK

Founded I early 2016 by German designer Tobias van Schneider, DESK is a blog that explores different topics that are relevant, interesting, and useful in the world of design, psychology, and productivity. Their goal is to create a resource for designers to motivate, inspire, and just have fun.

#11 Design Made in Japan

The site aims to become a central resource and platform on any design topics that are connected in Japan. They even encourage designers, or any individual with an interest in design and Japan to submit their works or discoveries online. This way, they can gather a large range of quality products that showcases the beauty of the Land of the Rising Sun.

#12 MindSparkle

Since its launch in 2011, this online magazine has steadily built up a global community who shares the same passion, values, and beliefs in the fields of graphic design, branding, photography, art, interior, product design, and architecture. Their goal is to curate, connect, and inspire all the individuals, especially the design enthusiasts with the help of their social media platforms.

#13 Designcloud

This collection is created to stimulate the minds of the viewers by featuring the best of art, design, and innovation from around the globe. The aim is also to inspire and encourage people to create more amazing designs. With its organized presentation of artworks, viewers can easily scroll through the page and save a design that they liked in their preferred file formats.

#14 It’s Nice That

Founded in 2007, It’s Nice That believes that creative inspiration is for everyone, and they wanted to open up the world of design to the widest possible audience. Because of their passion to spread awareness of designs, the publication has grown over a million of viewers, thus making them one of the best resources of designs in the creative industry. 

#15 Httpster

Built and curated by designers Dominic Whittle and Tom Fitzgerald, Httpster is a showcase of some of the finest and trendiest website designs made by people around the world that you can take inspirations from, especially if you are thinking of building a website yourself. 

#16 Logo Design Love

Another blog by Irish graphic designer David Airey, this site is obviously dedicated and focused on logo designs, in which David has been specializing since he opened his independent studio back in 2005. This is a great website for startup owners who are still trying to figure out the kind of logo or brand that they want to represent for themselves.

#17 The Inspiration Grid

Designed and built by Avenue, this is one of the websites wherein you will be hooked the second that you open their page. Their colorful visual representations are on point; you can tell that they are really living up to their name. Launched in February 2011, Inspiration Grid gives you the best daily fix of design, art, typography, photography, architecture, interior, fashion, and more.

#18 Creative Boom

A website that celebrates, inspires, and supports the creative community with a focus on art, advertising, film, graphic design, illustrations, and photography. They also offer invaluable tips and insights for designers to be at the peak of their careers. 

#19 AIGA: Eye On Design

Published by AIGA, the oldest and largest not-for-profit design organization in the United States, Eye on Design covers the world’s most exciting designers. Their contents are as eye-catching as their name, browsing their site will be a feast for your eyes.

#20 Baubau Haus

Curated by Romanians Stefan Lucut and Andrei Don, Baubau Haus will feed you with your daily need of designs, illustrations, photography, fashion, and other art-related stuff. Their goal is to visually inspire and entertain viewers by promoting great content.

#21 Women of Graphic Design

Founded by Tori Hinn, WOGD is a project focused on exhibiting the contributions of women in the field of graphic design. The primary aim is to reach and involve an entire community made up of different voices, minds, and disciplines, and address the lack of public female role models in design.

#22  Ambalaj

A design blog founded by Kristina de Verdier of Sweden in 2008, Ambalaj aims to deliver news from the world of consumer insights, design, and technology, and showcase problem solving innovative designs that actually make sense and are sustainable for the benefit of the world.

#23 8Faces: Type Worship

Started as a personal research aid by Jaime Clarke in 2011, Type Worship is a collection of inspirational typography and lettering with notes. Since gathering over 230,000 type enthusiast, the site is now considered one of the largest lettering blogs.

#24 Swissmiss

I know what you’re thinking, but no, this isn’t a website for Swissmiss Chocolate Drink lovers. Founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg of Switzerland on March 2005, this design blog which originally started as a personal design archive became very popular with over a million viewers per month. The blog mostly covers photography and other design-related videos.

#25 Mirador

Founded by Say What Studio, Mirador curates the most inspirational works and shares them through a collection of projects. Their website has a clean and minimalistic approach, and yet their goal of inspiring and sparking a creative mind is still evident in the way of how they showcase the designs. 

On an end note:

Design is evolutionary, and keeping up with the latest trends will help you be on the right track of gaining more clients. Constantly looking for visual inspirations is not only for designers, but also for entrepreneurs who want to improve their works through understanding the importance of design in the business.

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