Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. With over 1.62 billion of reportedly active users daily during the third quarter of 2019, there is no doubt that this platform is very vital for any marketer as a tool for posting advertisements. 

Having said that, the competition among business owners for garnering more views is tough. As a marketer, not only should you be worried about the number of your viewers, but also, you should be worried about how to stay on top of the game. You must keep your viewers attracted as they inspect your advertisements, otherwise, they might lose their interests, and you might lose your potential customers.

Remember, advertisements are easily passed over by most Facebook users. So, how do you keep them interested enough, and possibly drive them to the point of buying your products?

Here are some of the tips to consider so you could expand your social media followers and enhance your posts.

Use your imagination and creativity.
  • Use your imagination and creativity. If you post exactly the same advertisement over and over again, people will tend to skip it eventually. You don’t want your viewers saying “I’ve had enough of these repetitive ads!” Creating different posts or advertisements continuously is a perfect way to keep the viewers interested. You can, for example, create a storyline for your advertisements and release it into parts so people will be inclined to wait for what’s next to come. You can also make a variation of advertisements that are relevant to most of the things that people discuss these days. For example, create an ad that targets people who currently suffers boredom during traffic jams. Your ad should introduce your product with at least a relevant solution to that presented dilemma. But remember to keep it simple, yet captivating to avoid confusion among your viewers.
Heighten your customers’ senses with your products
  • Heighten your customers’ senses with your products. To see is to believe, they say. And this is mostly true, specifically when you’re trying to convince a group of people to engage in your product. Since your advertisement is done virtually, your customers’ sense of sight, sense of hearing, and their emotions are basically at the mercy of your hand, especially when you know how to properly execute the manipulation of their perception. Let’s say you are selling fried chicken. Instead of just displaying your logo on the screen, why not create a short video of you, or of another person savoring the food? Not only did it elicit a genuine reaction from you, it also affected the perception of your viewers. Some might probably want to eat fried chicken right now because they have imagined the way it tastes or the way it smells.
Less is more
  • Less is more. Do not overdo your advertisements and try to explain your products in the longest way possible by putting too many words into your image. There is actually a Facebook rule that says a marketer should not fill up to 20% of his image with texts in order for it to be monetized. Sometimes, simplicity in words is much appreciated, and well understood, especially if it is already accompanied by a self-explanatory image or clip. And even worse, do not try to impress your viewers by inserting big, ambiguous words. People want to read and think fast. And if they get stuck in a word just because they don’t know what it means, they might just give up and skip ahead, so deliver your message shortly but clearly. You can elaborate more on your products when your viewers decide to go to your main page or website.
Monitor your performance
  • Monitor your performance. After you have posted your advertisements, it is important for you to review the results of your promotions by using KPI or key performance indicators. This will help you to evaluate your work and identify if you advanced a step closer to reaching your goals or not. As a marketer, you need to be conscious of what type of KPI is suited for you since it may vary in each business depending on what your goals are. So going back to our example earlier with the fried chicken, your KPI is the number of customers. By determining the number of customers that you gained or lost, you can identify whether you are meeting your customers’ satisfaction and needs, or not.
Optimize if you must
  • Optimize if you must. Now that you have reviewed the results of your KPIs, reflect on whether if you have achieved your goals. If not, don’t be upset, but rather view it as a challenge to further develop your advertisements. There’s always room for improvement. One way to do it is by conducting an A/B Testing. This is a method wherein you would present two versions of your work with different audiences, and then comparing the results. From there on, you could make your revisions accordingly. Test and test until you achieve your desired results.

Now that you are aware of these important factors, I bet you’re excited to make your own advertisements and gain revenues from it. So, what are you waiting for?

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