Content creation has become a vital part of every business profile’s marketing strategy, especially now that we live in a world wherein the advancement of technology is fast-paced and is continuing to evolve. As a brand, part of your tactic is to utilize various social media websites or applications to promote your products and services, and create something that would attract the audience. 

With over 7.8 billion people as the current total population of the world presented by the Yale University’s research, there’s a large chance that your advertisement will be seen by the number of people who are on different social media platforms. This means that you must step up your game and create an ad that is eye-catching enough for people to pay attention to it, and persuasive enough for people to stay on and learn more about your brand.

The key, you ask? 

Your graphic design.

But how do you get there?

What notes should you consider in creating outstanding visuals that the audience cannot simply resist? 

We asked our Snappy Hand professional graphic designers for advice...

Here are the top seven tips that they would like to share.

1. Set up your goal

1. Set up your goal

What is the purpose of your social media graphic design?

Will this cater to your targeted audience? Will this drive traffic, gather more followers, or increase customer engagement?

These are the questions that you need to keep in mind first and foremost as this will be your starting point before you actually start the process of your design, and everything else will follow.

2. Incorporate your logo

2. Incorporate your logo

Every chance you get, make sure that the presence of your logo is strong. This way, your audience will easily recognize you and relate to your brand. This will also be beneficial for the boosting of your customer engagement.

3. Size is important

3. Size is important

Like the saying “different strokes for different folks”, each social media platforms caters to different sizes and resolutions  so it is imperative to familiarize yourself first with the terms and conditions with regards to uploading your graphic designs.

One graphic design might look perfect for Facebook, but it may not work once you upload it on Twitter.

4. Color code wisely

4. Color code wisely

Choosing the right colors for your graphic designs can be pretty intimidating. One wrong decision, and you can kiss goodbye to half (if not all) of your audience.

Knowing the right and trendy color combinations will catch the attention of more viewers and this will have a great impact in promoting your brand. Another important tip to remember is to create your own style. 

For example, since the signature color of Facebook is blue, minimize the incorporation of blue in your design as much as possible.

Remember that your goal is to stand out and be eye-catching, and not to just simply blend in.

Snappy Hand

5. Keep it simple yet informative

5. Keep it simple yet informative

We get that you have a lot of great ideas, and you want to incorporate each and every single one of it into your design so people would recognize your brand.

But sometimes that’s not how good advertisements work.

Since we’re talking about social media here, expect that your working space is small, and that cramming one area might be too overwhelming for your audience.

Choose only the appropriate illustrations, colors, and texts that will immediately give the audience an insight of what your brand might be.

6. Create drama

6. Create drama

I know we just said keep it simple, but sometimes you have to break some of the rules.

All that vanilla graphic design will be much appreciated by the viewers if there’s a twist.

Try to make a little chaos in the middle of the orderly design, and test out if this method is more likely appealing to the audience or not.

Try incorporating large text blocks against a cool, calm, and collected background to make an impact that will have your audience stop in the middle of their scrolling escapades.  

7. Optimize

7. Optimize

No matter how good your design is, always remember that every work still has a room for improvement, so don’t be afraid of criticism from other people.

Instead, take it as a challenge and know the areas that need enhancements so in the future, you will be on the lookout for any design flaws and make lesser mistakes before uploading your contents online.

But wait, there’s more!

A. Take time to learn about typography as this will be an important aspect in every design content that you make. Choosing the right typeface for the message that you want to convey will help to set the mood and add a sense of understanding in the side of the audience.

B. Look for trendy designs and use it as inspirations. Browse for the most popular brands and take notice of how they utilize their graphic designs in every advertisement that they share. Don’t outright copy their designs if you don’t want to be slapped by a lawsuit. Just observe and learn from the established ones so you could have an insight on how to improve yours.

C. Still at a loss on how to make compelling designs? Then it’s time to get some professional (graphic designer’s) help.

Check out Snappy Hand now! 🙂 Fastest Next Business Day Unlimited Graphic Design Service. You can never go wrong with us!

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