Live Stream Video: Reasons Why You Should Start This for Your Business

For the last 15 years, YouTube has been entertaining us with videos from different creators. The subjects consist of gameplays, beauty tutorials, music videos, and many more. Like YouTube, many other social media sites also incorporated the use of video as part of their platform’s features to further enhance the users’ experiences.

It wasn’t until 2015 when Twitter launched an app called Periscope, a live video streaming app for android and iOS users, and it has been a game changer especially for online marketers ever since.

This permitted followers to talk, comment, or ask a question directly to the broadcaster on a real time basis. Soon enough Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat jumped into the ship and introduced their respective live video services.

The response from users all over the globe has been successful to the point that it has become part of a daily routine for people, especially for those who hold their social media accounts as a vital source of their income. These people could be celebrities, news providers, online sellers, content creators, influencers, and other entertainers and businesses.

Having said that, many business owners who have embraced the practice of social media manifestation for their marketing strategies have started utilizing the live streaming feature to increase their online presence and reach a wider audience. 

Have you ever tried live streaming to promote your brand? If not, aside from being late to the party, there are actually quite numerous reasons why you - as a business owner – should join in the live stream trend for your advantage. 

Here we will discuss three of the most important advantages of this strategy, as well as introduce you to other live streaming platforms apart from the most popular ones.


1. Wider Reach of Viewers

Wider Reach of Viewers

As mentioned, more people are now onboard with watching live streams. With the right kind of audience, you could persuade them not only to consume your products and services, but also to convince them to like and share the word about your brand.

If you decide to conduct a survey at one point, you’ll be surprised to find that a large portion of your followers actually discovered you through a live stream.

You can also utilize live streams to give access about what is currently happening within your events for those who cannot participate with you face-to-face at the moment. 

2. Promote in Exciting Ways

Promote in Exciting Ways

Promoting your brand through live streaming could be a lot more entertaining and engaging for your audience. Instead of just looking at a still photo of your products or watching a video that is too professional for their liking, why not use live streaming as an opportunity to be more spontaneous and fun? 

You can conduct a live tutorial on how to use your products, show behind-the-scenes, and get instant feedbacks and entertain your viewers by doing a question-and-answer segment on the spot.

People will be much more appreciative of your quick, genuine response and unedited reactions, and this could potentially lead to earning their trust and building a connection within your community.

3. Reduces Cost

Reduce Cost

What if you want to conduct an event and you’re stuck between inviting a small group of audience in order to save money but at the same time, you want this to be as big as possible so you could expose your brand to a larger crowd? The solution? Live stream your event!

Your expenses will be guaranteed lesser than if you invite a larger crowd. Imagine how much budget you could save from the venue and food.

What’s more, you’ll be able to deliver the same information and experience to both audiences.

Now that we have learned the importance of live streaming for our businesses, let’s jump to the next step.

As promised, we will take a look at other live streaming platforms where you could promote your products and services aside from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope, and their streaming services.


1. Twitch


Apart from the four giant social media websites that were mentioned, Twitch is probably the most popular live streaming platform right now. Although the main focus of the site is about video gameplays and eSports competitions, there is also a section for “in real life” streams and other creative contents. 

According to reports, Twitch has over 15 million daily viewers, so this is a perfect opportunity to expose your brand to those people and give them an insight as to what your business is all about.

You might think that your business could be out of line or irrelevant especially for these gamers, but your products and services could be a solution provider to few of these people, and you’ll never know until you try.

2. YouNow


This live broadcasting service contains most of the users’ interests such as performing dance and music, or just simply live streaming their daily experiences. Although there are a few users who also stream gameplays, still many people may find this website much more relatable than Twitch simply because viewers are finding live broadcasting of users in which they have common interests in different aspects of life aside from video games.

3. DaCast


DaCast offers high-end features such as ad-free broadcasting, white-label service, and 24/7 tech and phone support, which are perfect for large scale gatherings and conferences.

These are some of the key features of this platform, which is why DaCast is the most trusted and widely used by professionals, business owners and other marketers when it comes to delivering live and on-demand video contents.  

4. DLive


DLive is a disruptive live streaming platform that uses a blockchain technology called Lino that benefits both the streamers and viewers.

Unlike with other platforms that acquire a percentage every time a streamer gets donations, DLive doesn’t participate with the cut. It lets the streamer have 100% of the donations, and also permits the viewers to earn the same blockchain-based currency whenever they watch or interact with other streamers.

It’s basically a win-win situation. 😉

5. IBM Cloud Video (formerly known as Ustream)


Like DaCast, IBM Cloud Video is also one of the live streaming platforms that are commonly used by marketers and broadcasters.

It also offers full phone support for Pro and Enterprise users and forum-based support for free users during live events, OTT video management, enterprise delivery content network, and monetization to name a few of its key features.


Promoting your brand through the use of live streaming will take you to the next level. Out of all the kinds of contents, live streaming offers the highest rate of customer engagement and interaction.

Almost everyone has interacted with live streaming, and this means you could reach a wider audience where you could introduce your business.

And with the help of these platforms, you can be certain that you will catch the attention of more than one audience to consume your products and service.

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