One of the most successful ways of grabbing someone’s attention when you are endorsing your products or services is by distributing promotional flyers. Whether your business is in the food industry, electronics, furniture, or others, flyers are one of the most inexpensive and used form of graphic design strategy to persuade your audience to know more about your business and see what’s in store for them.

What’s great about promotional flyers is that not only you can create multiple copies of it and distribute on the streets, you can also create a softcopy of your graphic design and upload it online through various social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can reach more audience to expose your products. But like any other form of advertisement, your flyer should be eye-catching and stylish – one that your audience would have a hard time resisting to check out your offer.

So, how can you make a flyer pop and make it work for you?

Here at SnappyHand, we’ll discuss the five top professional tips to improve the context of your flyers that will definitely attract the attention of your target market.

1. Make a strikingly memorable headline.

Make a strikingly memorable headline.

The first thing that you need to do when making a business flyer is to create clear and concise information about your products and services. People want knowledge, and they want it fast. Choose carefully some powerful words such as Discover, Sale, Free, Limited Offer, and Great News to convince your audience to stop by and read on what’s inside your flyer. If the context of your flyer is too long, people might lose interest and just decide to walk away.

Remember that your main goal is not only to attract attention, but also to convert sales.

2. Visualize wisely.

Visualize wisely.

Using bright colors and novelty fonts are not always the best ideas when presenting your flyers. While it’s true that you must create an instant impact to captivate your audience, sometimes, presenting your flyers in a minimalistic approach is what will make your customers appreciate it more.

Choose the correct background design color that signifies your backstory or your message such as green for health and environment; red, orange, and yellow for passion, energy, and happiness; or black for elegance and formality.

Also, select a font that is arty yet easy to read, and will suit best on your products and the message that you want to convey. For example, you can’t promote kids’ products using the Chiller typeface, which is often used in a horror or thriller context.

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3. But avoid being monotonous.

But avoid being monotonous.

If you are choosing to pull off a minimalistic approach, remember that there’s a fine line between minimal designs and designs that are just plain dull, and you don’t want to be labeled as that – boring.

You can always transform a bland design into a splendid one, especially if you are advertising an event.

Create something witty and fun that will instantly get your audience in the mood and make them feel or imagine what it's like to experience the event.

You can always search for design inspirations online or seek the help of professional graphic designers to guide you on this.

4. Mind the grid.


Don’t you hate it when your design gets cut off due to lack of space?

Worse, a part of an important text was also eliminated! Errr!

When this happens, people will just miss the whole idea of what you are trying to say, and they will be thrown off because of poor design and printing procedure.

Remember the bleed, or the space extending past the edge of the space which acts as a margin of error when the product is trimmed.

The considered amount of bleed is 3mm, so make sure that your flyer has this.

Read more about the rule of thirds to maximize your knowledge on how to use it effortlessly.

5. Don’t forget your call to action.

Don’t forget your call to action.

Now that your design has been laid out and proofread, and everything seems to be ready for printing, it’s time to incorporate your final step: make your call to action.

Call to action or CTAs are your driving force to seal the deal with the customers. Sentences like Try Now, Call Now, Let’s Do It, and Talk to Us are some of the examples that we commonly see on flyers.

You’ve got to have a catchy call to action like your headlines to create a sense of urgency among the customers.

Again, having a compelling CTAs will potentially get your prospects to do what you want and lead them as converted sales.

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Bonus Tips:

a) Advertise digitally. Don’t limit your marketing strategies by handing out flyers on the street. Take advantage of the booming online industry and post your products and services on every social media that you must have in order to reach a larger audience.

b) Since now we’re talking about digital advertisements, it also pays to know different digital marketing trends so you could keep up with what’s hot and what does your audience rave about. This way, you could enhance your goods and your overall design, and influence their decision-making towards buying your offered products.

c) If for some reason you find your flyers and digitized ads ineffective, don’t be afraid to optimize your designs for higher rate of customer satisfaction.

At SnappyHand, we offer unlimited graphic design revisions, so you don’t have to worry about any additional expenses or hidden charges when you decide to acquire professional guidance from graphic designers.

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