Most of the employment services or corporations, and even business owners, nowadays are getting more and more involved with LinkedIn as the need of different businesses for manpower arises. But what exactly is LinkedIn, and how does it benefit both the employers and the aspiring candidates towards the advancement of saying or hearing the words “You’re hired”?

LinkedIn is a website, or a social network for managing professional identity that features different individuals and corporations who wishes to introduce more of their expert networking and further develop their careers or businesses. This site helps people to build connections and share their professional experiences and achievements to others. 

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has the principles of following pages, or portfolios, to increase the interactions and exposures among users. This is one way of reaching out and selling yourself to potential employers, if you are applying for a job, or to clients, if you are promoting your business. 

In this platform, your selling point is your profile, which also serves as your main resume. Yes, you may have a stellar performance with your acquired achievements and skills, but you cannot win the full attention of your followers and other users if you just boringly enumerate all your accomplishments. There are reportedly over half a billion users of this platform, and even a thousand of those users could make or break your employment career or business. But then, imagine losing those potential factors because they were lost and got jaded on your sea of words. 

The key to winning and maintaining their interests in you is by graphically improving your LinkedIn profile. Social media graphic designs are important especially in this day where modern technology is being utilized at its best. If your goal is to impress, then why not impress upon them that you’re not only just excellent with words, but also with visual representation. 

Here are some tips on how to cultivate a remarkable LinkedIn profile.

Take advantage of using the Professional Portfolio
  • Take advantage of using the Professional Portfolio. This enables you to upload files that will contribute to the enhancement of your profile such as photos of yourself or your business, videos that will explain a bit about yourself and what you do, or make a SlideShare presentation that showcases your skills or products with testimonials from individuals as your reference. You can also present creatively some links that will lead to your other websites, if any.
Choose your profile and cover images wisely
  • Choose your profile and cover images wisely. As mentioned, how you visually represent yourself in this platform will create a big impact in keeping the users’ interests intact with your brand. People find LinkedIn profiles with accurate photos more trust-worthy compared to those who doesn’t even bother to add one. If you add a genuine, high resolution photo of yourself, it could help people to convince them that you are a decent, responsible person, and their confidence in working with you will definitely go higher. You can also use something that is a strong representation of your brand that clearly states what your products are. A simple yet captivating design will help the viewers to recognize you easily.
Utilize LinkedIn Publisher
Give credits to your team
  • Give credits to your team. Let’s say you’re a business owner and your company offers graphic designs and copywriting services, and you create a series of blogs for graphic designers. Introducing the team that makes up your business in your LinkedIn profile will encourage more people to choose you over others who offer the same services. Why? Because people are more inclined to work with someone whom they have information about. Having an idea of what the other person looks like, or how is the environment in the workplace of their preferred service provider will somehow put their doubts at peace. This will help in building the trust amongst you and your team as the service provider and your clients.
Expose your SlideShare skills
  • Expose your SlideShare skills. SlideShare is a tool in LinkedIn that allows you to share your presentations. It could be in the form of PDF files, OpenDocument, Powerpoint, or Keynote. You can also upload webinar or videos that explains about you or your business. The primary focus of this tool is to share slideshows or files easier and more efficient. This could help especially big corporations to pass along the information that they want to share within their teams without the hassle of handing a USB drive from person to person just to convey the presentation that they need to distribute. You can also upload a presentation that was made from another website such as Canva. To know more on how to maximize the use of SlideShare, Medium offered a few more tips to help you on your way.

In these modern times, words alone in social networking sites are not sufficient anymore to leave a remarkable impression among the people. But knowing the right tools to visually improve your portfolio in LinkedIn will create additional impact to help boost up your ability to sell your expertise to others.

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