Account & Subscription:

What do you mean by month to month pricing?

Snappy Hand comes in as a monthly subscription. It is a flat rate monthly service where you enjoy unlimited graphic design. Whether you have 10 design requests in a month or heaven knows how many, you still pay a fixed monthly fee. No contracts, cancel anytime.

I have a marketing team, can I share my account to my team members?

The service works best with a single point of contact. We strongly recommend that you appoint ONLY one person to use the account on your behalf. It has been proven in time and time again that multiple users in a single log in doesn’t work well. It’s the hard truth. ☺

Your service is awesome and I’d like to work with you longer, do you have other plans on offer?

At the moment, we are focused on month to month pricing BUT we are definitely going to offer quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions pretty soon. Standby!


Can I get a receipt for my subscription?

Absolutely! Just email us at and we’ll send it to you.

Why am I being billed for another month?

The service is a monthly subscription service and it auto-renew every month until you submit a request to cancel or put your account on hold.

Design & Delivery:

When do I get my designs?

Our aim is next business day delivery. We systematically operate with an active design request queue and deliver the rounds as we go. However, design is subjective – there might be cases that certain design requests require an extended creative round. We sure will set proper expectations.

How much design requests can be delivered in a day?

This has been an ancient question to any “unlimited design service”. Truthful and straightforward answer to this is – it cannot be quantified. Design requests and/or creative is subjective. Our commitment to you is we will knock down your design queue accordingly and realistically.

What is your scope of support?

We have a long list of things we can support you with however it’s easier to list down the things we currently don’t support:

>  Coding / Programming
>  Video & Motion Graphics
>  Freehand illustration
>  Heavy infographics
>  Heavy photo manipulation
>  Large copy – heavy layout/InDesign Projects
>  3D/CAD
>  Web, Mobile or App Designs
>  Original Logo / Branding


I don’t like the customer experience that I am getting, who do I talk to?

Shucks! Fire away with a report and send it straight away to

I don’t like the design that was delivered to me, I need a revision.

No need to be frustrated, simply reply back to the same request thread it was delivered and we’ll fix it for you in a snap!
Snappy Hand was launched 2020 and is created to help businesses & professionals leverage unlimited graphic design to their advantage. 


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