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Partnering with an individual or a group of people to promote or sell your products and services sounds like a piece of cake, but in reality, it is a difficult task. Of course, there are these worries that cloud every business owners’ mind: Can these affiliates influence the decision-making of the customers? Will they get me to the results that I’m hoping for? Am I in the right path with this person/group? 

As the owner, sometimes you can’t help but be very meticulous in choosing with whom you will entrust the image of your brand. You might ask, what are the important areas that you should take in consideration in order to secure the perfect affiliate that would best cater to your program?

In this article, we will provide some ideas, tips, and answers that you might be looking for that would potentially help you in your decision-making in finding your right affiliate to sell your products.

1. State a Strong Affiliate Program

State a Strong Affiliate Program

First and foremost, you have got to have a very attractive and concise affiliate program so you could immediately catch the attention of your targeted affiliates. Offer only the best and understandable terms with a bit of wiggle room for negotiation so both of you could come up to a mutual, beneficial agreement. 

This should also entail all the important facts about your products and services. You don’t want your affiliates to go ahead and do the promotion without gathering any data about your products. One, this could lead to a colossal spread of misinformation; and two, the enthusiasm of the affiliate could be seen as fake by your potential customers. As much as possible, try to provide all the materials that your affiliate might use such as link to your website, explanatory videos, and testimonials or blogs from previous consumers. 

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2. Propose a Smart Commission

Propose a Smart Commission

Offer a generous commission, possibly close to 20%-30% as this will motivate your potential partners to promote your products vigorously. You can also reward them with additional bonuses if their performances greatly contributed to your brand’s high sales, but also try to avoid burning your pocket too much so you could use your fund in enhancing your products in other areas. 

It’s one thing to state that you are giving a generous commission, but your affiliates would appreciate it more if you would elaborate on how your commission terms would work. This includes the duration of cookies, what percentage would they get per sales, what are the payment options, when will they receive it, etc.

3. Reach Out to Established and Trustworthy Influencers

Reach Out to Established and Trustworthy Influencers

We have all witnessed a tremendous turning point of digital marketing as a vital strategy in every brand’s portfolio. With this, we have also witnessed a massive rise of social media influencers who are being contacted by giant businesses to promote their brands. 

Although our main topic here is affiliate marketing wherein entrepreneurs can invest in marketing your products, enlisting the help of some of the most established or popular influencers will also contribute to skyrocket your brand due to their frequent online presence. Their influence will no doubt convert some of their followers into your potential customers.

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4. Join Affiliate Communities and Events

Join Affiliate Communities and Events

Attending big events such as affiliate conferences can be a little overwhelming and intimidating for some, especially for startup business owners. But this is actually an opportunity to introduce and expose your brand to other attendees of the events. Getting in touch with the people you meet through these communities and events will gradually increase your chances of securing the right affiliate partners that are most suitable for your brand.

5. Enhance Your Products and Services

Enhance Your Products and Services

Before you could persuade another batch of audience to avail your products, you have to persuade your potential affiliate and influencer partners first.

So how can you convince your affiliates to believe in your products? 

Lay out some crucial developments in the status of your products and services and discuss this with your potential partners. If available, you can also provide your previous customers’ reviews. This way, you can also pick up your affiliates’ ideas on how you can improve even more.

Consider this brainstorm session important because this is how you would know which affiliate really cares about your brand.

Remember that your affiliates and influence partners’ genuine appreciation of your brand will reflect on their promotional strategies, and in turn will determine how the audience will perceive your products.


  • As mentioned, finding the right affiliates for your brand could be difficult especially for first timers. And if the search becomes too overwhelming, consider hiring an affiliate manager so you could have professional guidance with regards to the enlistment of your affiliates and influence partners. 
  • You can also use certain new tools in finding your potential affiliates such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Story Ads. Make sure to add a compelling description of your products and your affiliate program so you could catch the attention of more prospective partners.
  • Stay true and transparent to your prospective affiliates as this will be the start of a good and successful affiliate marketing partnership. This will also broaden your contacts and acquire more affiliates that can also help you shape the future of your brand.


Finding the right affiliate partner that would deliver an outstanding performance to your brand is quite a task. Since your products will also stand as testaments of their reputations, it is imperative for you to offer only the best possible products and services that you can create. 

It could be overwhelming, but remember to have a positive attitude when dealing with your prospective affiliates, and make sure that what you are offering is both beneficial to you as the brand owner and to them as your partner. 

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